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If approved, we cover all your legal costs, including attorney’s fees, deposition costs, and working capital for your business.


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The only time you repay is if your lawsuit successfully resolves. We’re in this together.

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“America's favorite third party funder”
—Litigation Finance Journal

“Legalist really saved [my clients] and have been nothing but the utmost professionals.”
—David H., attorney at AmLaw 200 international law firm

“I’m so glad to have an ally [in Legalist] and that someone has my back in this fight.”
—Allen K., solo practitioner

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“Using an algorithm to calculate the likelihood that a lawsuit will succeed, the company then invests in cases it deems promising. If a plaintiff it has funded prevails, Legalist takes a percentage of the winnings.”

“Legalist, founded by a pair of Harvard undergrads, uses a vast database of local legal records to determine the likelihood that the case will succeed: and if the algorithm says the case can win, Legalist funds the suit.”

“Legalist uses algorithms to help figure out which lawsuits have the best chance of winning.”