Investors in Litigation Finance

Who invests in litigation finance?

Need funding to fight your lawsuit?

Legalist can provide capital for all litigation-related expenses and needs.

Investors, ranging from venture capital firms to family offices, recognize litigation finance as an emerging asset class. For investors, Legalists offers the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with an uncorrelated asset, while making an impact on access to justice for individuals and small businesses. Litigation funding is fundamentally a form of specialty finance that equalizes our civil justice system, while yielding strong returns for backers.

As a Silicon Valley startup, Legalist has investors that range from traditional litigation finance firms to premier Silicon Valley venture investors to former hedge fund managers. For traditional litigation funders, investing in Legalist means diversifying into more, smaller cases. For Silicon Valley venture firms, participating in a Legalist fund means keeping illiquid capital moving on a shorter timeline. For individual accredited investors, litigation finance has established itself as an industry with one of the best performing types of specialty finance that can increase their net worth.

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