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According to the Wall Street Journal in August 2016, litigation funding has entered the mainstream. Here at Legalist, we believe that startups and technology are the future of litigation finance accessibility. While investor dollars in the industry are plentiful, the mainstream litigation finance market still neglects small businesses in their quest to deploy more dollars.

As well-heeled investors such as pension funds and university endowments "have collectively pumped more than a billion dollars in the sector" in recent years, access to justice is still an ideal rather than a reality for the millions of small businesses who try to seek funding for their cases from traditional funders.

Thats why Legalist celebrates litigation funding moving into the mainstream, but still believes in the necessity of championing the cause of the small business. Rather than following the litigation finance trend of soliciting Fortune 500 companies, Legalist is focused on serving the local ice cream manufacturer, your breach of contract case, or the local landlord tenant dispute. Thats what litigation finance moving into the mainstream looks like.

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