Litigation finance trade associations

Legalist is a Proud Member of the Commercial Litigation Finance Association

Legalist is a proud member of the Commercial Litigation Finance Association (CLFA). CLFA is a voluntary trade association of commercial litigation finance companies in the United States that joined together to promote a better litigation finance industry.

The litigation finance industry in the United States is a burgeoning industry that has established its own self-regulation and set best practices in order to ensure fair and ethical dealings with litigants. All members of the CLFA work in commercial litigation finance, with primarily business clientele. Whether a breach of contract lawsuit or a partnership dispute, CLFA members adhere to strict Ethics Guidelines which set the standards for transparency, privilege, and client protection in litigation funding agreements.

CLFA is the only ethics organizations for commercial litigation funders in the United States who work with business entities and finance legal fees. We work to shape the regulatory environment, and our foremost priority is ensuring that litigation finance in the United States grows in a sustainable, ethical, and responsible fashion.