Litigation finance funds

Understanding fund structures

Many litigation finance companies are structured as investment funds, including Legalist. Legalist manages a closed-end fund, as reported on by the Wall Street Journal, which is dedicated to making litigation finance investments.

When choosing a litigation finance firm to work with, its important to find our their capital structure and backing. Some litigation finance companies offer the ability to crowdfund, which is a different way of raising capital on the spot. Other litigation finance companies claim to self-fund cases, but actually act simply as brokers, who make profits from referring your lawsuit on to another company. Working with brokers typically results in higher costs to any capital you receive.

Litigation finance funds, by contrast, are structured as closed-end vehicles with defined life cycles. Legalist's fund is designated for investment in small business litigation, with a host of institutional investors who commit capital for an express period of time for litigation finance opportunities. As a litigation finance fund, Legalist can invest directly in your lawsuit without having to go through a middleman.