Litigation finance for worker's compensation claims

How to finance your worker's compensation claim

The goal of workers compensation is to financially provide for employees if they get injured on the job. It acts as health or life insurance should any employee get hurt or die a wrongful death while on the job. If you got injured on the job and have hired an attorney to litigate your workers compensation case, Legalist can provide you with a settlement advance against your worker's comp case. Instead of waiting for your settlement to arrive in 1.5-2 years (the average length of litigation), Litigation can give you a portion of your future recovery within 24 hours of calling (415) 570-7878.

Litigation funding is offered as non-recourse investment in which you are not obliged to repay the loan in the event of a loss. Instead of getting a mortgage, which may put your property at risk, legal funding reduces your risk of loss and gives you the capital you need to get your case to trial. If you've been seriously injured, are currently involved in a drawn-out legal fight, have retained a contingent-fee attorney, have strong liability against a sufficiently insured defendant and you're in a financial bind because its taking forever to settle your case but you could really use some of your future settlement money now, we can help you.