Lawsuit funding for attorneys

How litigation finance can build your practice

Legalist offers litigation finance to help attorneys grow their practice. Backed by institutional investors in Silicon Valley and beyond, we are focused on helping small law firms grow. Whether your firm needs internal cash flow for operations, or for case costs for larger cases that which require substantial out of pocket expenses, having litigation funding helps your burgeoning law firm take on more cases.

Our team is led by trial lawyers, and we help address the unique liquidity needs of trial law firms. You firm might have a stack of pending settlements, but if the money isn't on hand, your firm cant grow. That's why we began offering attorney funding to help attorneys we worked with ease their everyday cash flow needs.

Attorney funding is an umbrella term for law firm loans, lawyer loans, lawsuit financing, case funding, and lines of credit. Although commonly misunderstood as a loan, attorney funding is actually a non-recourse investment into an individual or a portfolio of cases brought by a law firm. Lawsuit funding for attorneys includes both pre-settlement and post-settlement cases, subject to different requirements.

At Legalist, we know that having a war chest of funding is often the key to a successful lawsuit and a successful practice. Unlike other legal funding companies, we specialize in helping small law firms take on more cases, and work with your unique capital needs to make sure you have what you need to succeed.