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The rates for litigation finance vary widely depending on the funder and the level of risk in your case. While personal injury financing rates are generally predicated on a monthly interest rate, getting the lowest rates in commercial litigation finance transactions means that you wont be subject to monthly compounded interest, but rather either a percentage of your claim or a fixed multiple.

While some lawsuit funders offer a chart for comparison of pre-settlement lawsuit funding rates, you should be skeptical of funding terms that are described with a broad brush. Individual rates can be either incredibly low in interest or expensive depending on the risk level of the lawsuit or the risk tolerance of the company.

The secret to getting a low financing rate in funding your lawsuit is to find a company who is flexible and willing to offer lower rates for the best cases. The higher the risk in a given lawsuit, the higher the rate the litigation funder should charge. Legalist adjusts financing rates based on individual risk profiles, thus guaranteeing the most reasonable rate for your lawsuit.

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