Getting the fastest litigation funding

Same day financing options

Lawsuit funding is in growing demand for plaintiffs nationwide. Plaintiffs can choose from an array of companies, but a key distinction between consumer and commercial litigation finance companies can determine how to get the quickest and easiest litigation financing. Generally, lawsuit funders provide same day financing for smaller amounts, while litigation financier engage in long discussions regarding the merits of the case and finance cases for larger amount.

Consumer litigation finance, also known as lawsuit funding, lawsuit advances and settlement funding, is a highly regulated industry that often lends personal injury plaintiffs money for living expenses until their cases settle. Consumer lawsuit funding goes by different names, whether its called lawsuit loans, pre-settlement loans, and legal financing, but it is characterized by advance cash that does not normally interact with the prosecution of the lawsuit.

Commercial litigation funders, also known as litigation finance, litigation funding, or commercial lawsuit funding, is an almost entirely separate industry that helps small business and individual plaintiffs by offering financing for legal costs, attorneys fees, and working capital. Commercial litigation finance is traditionally dominated by hedge funds.

Although Legalist is a commercial litigation funder, we have a special focus on small businesses and individuals. Therefore, we often process cases more quickly than most commercial litigation funders, and get answers back to people in less than a week. We are one of the fastest legal funders, and we get you the most money in the shortest amount of time, at the best rates.