Legal Funding for Civil Cases

How Litigation Funding can Help Bring Your Civil Case to Trial

Need funding to fight your lawsuit?

Legalist can provide capital for all litigation-related expenses and needs.

Legalist offers litigation funding to help plaintiffs secure the best outcome in their civil case. Backed by institutional investors in Silicon Valley and beyond, we are focused on helping individuals and small businesses win their civil lawsuits. Whether the plaintiff needs legal fees to pay their attorney, case costs for larger cases that which require substantial out of pocket expenses, having litigation funding helps plaintiffs win civil cases against deep pocketed defendants.

Since its inception, Legalist has focused on helping plaintiffs with small civil cases win. We know litigation is expensive, and settlement is often not easy. Weve helped small businesses including ice cream manufacturers, protein bar designers, and real estate brokers fight and win their lawsuits. For plaintiffs in David vs. Goliath lawsuits, going up against defendants requires litigation funding to succeed.

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