Find a litigation finance firm

Choosing the one best for you

Finding the right litigation finance group or firm can be a difficult task. Fortune 500 companies, major universities and businesses of all sizes have benefited from litigation funding. But when it comes to differentiating which litigation finance group is the best suited for you, you should think about whether a litigation funder shares your values.

As a Silicon Valley startup, Legalist is here to disrupt the established legal funding industry and to make financing available for small businesses and individuals.

If you're looking for a firm who finances frivolous litigation, that's not Legalist. If you're looking for a firm who focuses on Fortune 500 company corporate litigation, that's not Legalist.

But you're looking for a litigation finance firm with the sole mission of empowering individuals and small businesses, then you should work with Legalist. For a litigation finance group like us, the interests of small business plaintiffs is not an afterthought. Legalist is a litigation funding firm that invests capital in legal cases brought by plaintiffs and plaintiffs attorneys. Our mission is to help the Davids of this world triumph in the legal system --using litigation finance.