A handbook for litigation finance

Understanding your litigation finance agreement

It is important that potential applicants for litigation finance do their research before accepting terms. The litigation finance industry is expanding rapidly, and many newcomers are not aware of all of the applicable laws, regulations and ethics of the industry as a whole. As a consumer of litigation finance, it is your duty to understand any agreements and how they affect you.

Legalist has been operating since January 2016, and has made headlines numerous times with its unique approach to the industry. As the first company in the legal financing space to take an algorithmic approach, Legalist has laid the groundwork for a new kind of financing which many established funders and startups alike are moving into. Legalist remains the thought-leader in algorithmic litigation finance, and continues to advance the frontiers of litigation finance.

Legalist is the premier financier for SMBs and specializes in helping small businesses and individuals. If you need financing or want to discuss the agreement that you're considering, feel free to sign up on our form at legalist.com/signup.