Legalist funds lawsuits against Equifax

September 14, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO--Legalist (, the first algorithmic litigation finance firm, will pay for filing fees for Equifax data breach victims looking to bring lawsuits against Equifax in their local small claims court. Equifax, one of three major consumer credit reporting agencies, revealed last week that hackers had gained access to company data, compromising Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers for 143 million American consumers.

Any consumers affected by the data breach now can initiate their lawsuit against Equifax in small claims court by visiting and completing some basic information. All approved applicants will be provided with a free, automatically generated complaint and requisite small claims court filing fees. Repayment to Legalist occurs only if the case is successful in recovering damages.

“Equifax data breach victims deserve immediate redress for having their information compromised,” said Legalist co-founder and CTO Christian Haigh, a victim himself of the Equifax data breach. “Filing a lawsuit shouldn’t be difficult and complicated, and should not depend on lawyers.”

While multiple class action lawsuits have been filed in federal court concerning potential fraud and remedies available under the FCRA (U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act), Legalist allows consumers to automatically receive funding to take action on their own, instead of waiting years for class action lawsuits to resolve.

“Small claims court allows consumers to access justice more quickly, and that’s what litigation finance is all about,” said Legalist General Counsel Curtis Smolar.

To generate a free small claims complaint and to receive filing fees for your small claims lawsuit against Equifax, please visit

About Legalist

Legalist is an algorithmic litigation finance company that helps small businesses pay for their lawsuits. Founded in San Francisco, Legalist is the first litigation finance company to use machine learning and AI technology to source and underwrite litigation investments. Legalist is backed by premier Silicon Valley investors such as Y Combinator, Vy Capital, and Refactor Capital and has been featured in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and more. The company recently closed a $10.25 million maiden fund.