Press Release

September 18, 2020

Judge Jeremy D. Fogel joins Legalist as Advisor

September 18, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Legalist (, a technology-enabled litigation finance firm, has announced the addition of Judge Jeremy D. Fogel, Executive Director of the Berkeley Judicial Institute at UC Berkeley Law School, former federal judge for the Northern District of California and immediate past Director of the Federal Judicial Center, as an advisor. Judge Fogel, who retired from the bench in 2018, will serve on Legalist’s Advisory Board, along with entrepreneur John Witchell, co-founder of fintech firm Prosper Marketplace and investor William von Mueffling, founder of Cantillon Capital Management.

“I’m pleased and honored to have been asked to join Legalist as one of its advisors,” said Judge Fogel. “Legalist is a notable example of a litigation funding firm that consistently includes social justice as a meaningful metric in its decision-making. Its support has enabled many deserving parties to compete on equal footing in a legal system that often excludes them not because of the merits of their claims but because of the limits of their economic resources.”

Started in 2016 by two Harvard drop-outs, Legalist invests in commercial litigation by using algorithms that scrape state and federal court records to source and help underwrite investments. Unlike traditional litigation funders, Legalist focuses exclusively on “David vs. Goliath” cases that require less than $1 million in funding. In addition to funding commercial cases, Legalist also has a track record of supporting civil rights claims.

“Since his retirement from the bench, Judge Fogel has dedicated himself to promoting an ethical, resilient and independent judiciary,” said Legalist Chief Executive Officer, Eva Shang. “Judge Fogel’s advice will be highly valued as Legalist continues expand within the industry at large.”

In addition to his twenty years of federal judicial service, Judge Fogel also served as a judge of the Santa Clara County (California) Superior (1986-1998) and Municipal (1981-1986) Courts. He has received numerous accolades, including the President’s Award for Outstanding Service to the California Judiciary from the California Judges Association and the Vanguard Award from the State Bar of California for notable contributions to intellectual property law.

“Third-party litigation funding has received increasing interest from courts and policy makers. Having served as a federal and state trial judge for thirty-seven years, I see Legalist’s work as a needed contribution to access to justice.” said Judge Fogel.

Judge Jeremy D. Fogel takes the place on Legalist’s advisory board of Judge Richard A. Posner, who stepped down for personal reasons.