Capital to get your case to the finish line.

Founded by Harvard drop-outs, Legalist believes that access to the court system should not be the privilege of a few. Today, we are an asset manager that helps companies mitigate risk, pay legal fees, and win cases. 

We’ve worked with 80 percent of AmLaw 100 law firms, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Creative solutions for meritorious claims.

We invest on a non-recourse basis to help companies finance their legal spend and free up capital for growth. Our team helps companies navigate long and complicated litigations for a positive, risk-free outcome. 

Data-driven. Future-oriented.

We use data from millions of court records to deeply explore how technology can help understand our justice system. Our data helps us fund cases that win. Explore Dossier for a data roadmap to win your case, too.

Funding justice.

Our expert team of lawyers, investment managers, and technologists helps litigants and attorneys navigate the world of funding. We’re fast, nimble, and motivated. We level the playing field and don't waste your time doing it.
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