How to Make Partner at Kasowitz Benson Torres


Robbie Li
April 16, 2020
Legal Career

Jerold Oshinsky has more than 35 years of experience litigating insurance cases in federal and state courts throughout the country. Chambers USA consistently has designated him as the only lawyer to be accorded “Star” ranking in its national insurance category. As a result of his path-breaking accomplishments as one of the country’s leading insurance litigators, Jerry was previously the sole honoree of the prestigious Chambers “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Jerry joins the podcast to discuss the future trends in insurance litigation, and why young associates should consider becoming generalists at first.

Listen to this podcast to learn: 

  • How Jerry arrived at his groundbreaking career in insurance litigation after being a “Wall Street lawyer”
  • What role Jerry played in the landmark insurance coverage dispute Keene Corporation v. Insurance Companies of North America 
  • How Jerry gained a wide range of litigation experience as a second-year associate
  • What Jerry looks for when he assesses young associates for partnership 
  • Why Jerry believes litigation finance is “a valuable addition to our culture”