How to Make Partner at Bradley Arant


Robbie Li
May 11, 2020
Legal Career

Craig Mayfield is a managing partner at Bradley Arant with 20 years of experience in law. His practice involves the defense of products liability and high-exposure personal injury claims on behalf of manufacturers and businesses. Craig has represented and served as national trial and litigation management counsel for a diverse range of clients, including global medical device companies, a major tobacco company, international hotel brands, asbestos manufacturers and numerous other Fortune 500 industrial, commercial and consumer manufacturers headquartered in the United States and overseas.

Craig joins the podcast to share how he got his first client at a conference and how he maintains his client relationships.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn:

  • How Craig turned a last-minute invitation to a conference to years of bar association committee leadership 
  • Why it is important to develop client relationships to the extent that “they think of you even outside of business”
  • Why Craig believes lawyers should forget about occupational prestige and see themselves as part of a service industry
  • How to discuss rates and fees while staying on the client’s side
  • How litigation funding is “on the march” in Craig’s practice and in U.S. in general

More tips from top litigators on how they made partner can be found on Legalist’s Rainmaker podcast, now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.