Life as a Trial Lawyer -- Blank Rome's Andy Fletcher


Robbie Li
July 7, 2020
Legal Career

Andy Fletcher is a commercial litigation partner at Blank Rome with over 25 years of experience. Andy focuses his practice on business litigation and has tried to verdict jury and non-jury cases in numerous federal and state courts, as well as in international and U.S. arbitrations. Andy’s experience includes handling cases relating to all types of contracts, the sale of businesses, patents and trade secrets, restrictive covenants, breach of fiduciary duty, corporate governance, accountant and attorney liability, and various aspects of the oil and gas industry. 

Andy joins the podcast to talk about how leading international arbitrations has shaped him as a lawyer, and encourages associates to reframe their pursuits of partnership to finding alignment between work and aspiration.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How to effectively communicate without “letting your method get in the way of your message”
  • Why Andy believes trade secret protection will become of increasing interest to the technology industry
  • Why young associates should reframe their pursuit of partnership from achieving professional standing to finding alignment between work and aspiration 
  • How to systematically build a long-lasting book of business based on your professional interest 
  • Why Andy believes that litigation funding could be an answer to a legal industry that is getting increasingly expensive

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